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PALS Program

Peer Assisted Learning Support (PALS) Program

The Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District (DCJESD) provides special education services and programs to preschool students demonstrating developmental delays in social/emotional, cognitive, motor and/or communication skills. Their difficulties may pose unique challenges to their learning, maturation, and potential success in formalized learning settings. The special education preschool program is personalized and focuses on the education of the “total” child through a stimulating environment offering developmentally appropriate activities. Credentialed teachers and trained staff provide the intensive, individualized program needed to assure the success of all children.


At the present time, we are interested in providing an inclusion opportunity for our preschool students. We believe children with special needs learn best when provided with natural opportunities to engage in work and play with typically developing youngsters. It is also our belief this inclusive environment can have many positive benefits for typically developing children including acceptance of individual differences, appropriate help giving strategies, and compassion for others. This led to us creating the PALS program. 


PALS is a special education preschool program that offers intensive language-based learning environments to help support academic success and prepare DCJESD's special education students for Kindergarten. All students enrolled in our special education classes will receive instruction through the implementation of California Department of Education Preschool Learning Foundations and Frameworks. Your student will be a valuable participant in this educational process by being a typical role model and example. 


Parents of typically developing preschoolers three to four years of age are encouraged to complete the application admission form if they are interested in having their child participate in this inclusion program. Since admission will be limited to two students per class, it will be necessary for us to follow a structured acceptance process.


Preschool applicants must be residents with DCJESD. When all positions have been filled, a waiting list will be created and additional applicants kept on file. 

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