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2022-2023 Parent/Guardian Agreements

Please review the Parent Notifications below as part of the PowerSchool Registration/Information Update process for your student(s). 

The information on this page is current as of 6/20/2022.  Updates are made frequently and are available on the 2022-2023 Parent Notifications link on the District website. Please check often for updates.

Superintendent's Welcome Letter   Updated: 1/5/2022

Overcrowding Agreement Letter  Updated: 12/9/2021      

Annual Parent Notification of Parent/Guardian/Students Rights and Responsibilities/Handbook  Updated: 7/28/2022

Sexual Harassment Policy  Updated: 12/9/2021     

Transportation Bus Rules and Procedures   Updated: 1/16/2018    

Pesticide Use Information   Updated: 1/7/2021     

Parent Involvement Board Policy Updated: 12/9/2021      

School Attendance Education Code Updated: 1/7/2020       

Inter-District Attendance Board Policy Updated: 12/9/2021      

Food Services  Updated: 7/24/2020     

Meal Payment Policy Updated: 7/19/2018      

School Board Meeting Dates Updated: 12/13/2021      

Student Accident/Health Insurance Updated 12/9/2021      

Insurance Information for Families  (website) Updated: 1/8/2019  

Student Access to Google Apps Opt-Out Form Updated: 1/8/2019      

Uniform Complaint Annual Notice Updated: 6/17/2022   

Code of Conduct Updated: 1/7/2020     

Academic Calendar 2022-2023 Updated: 12/9/2021   

Instructional Technology Use Agreement Updated: 7/13/2020