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Student Success Team

Purpose of Student Success Teams (SST)

The Student Success Team is a school-site team, which identifies effective strategies to meet the needs of individual students.  The team may include the parent, the student, the student’s teacher, administrator, team coordinator, general education teachers and other support staff as needed. Members of the team should be knowledgeable of the student’s individual needs and school history.  Members also should be trained in the evaluation of data and be aware of intervention programs and service options available through the district and within the community.

Students who are in fourth grade or higher are encouraged to attend the Student Success Team meeting.  At times, the school staff or parent may wish for the student not to attend.

The Student Success Teams:

  • Are a function of general education
  • Use a systematic problem-solving approach to assist students who are not progressing at a satisfactory rate
  • Clarify problems and concerns
  • Develop an action plan
  • Monitor the success of the action plan

The Student Success Team process is a collaborative process between the school and the parents on behalf of the student.  Student Success Teams must establish trust, be positive, build a partnership with parents and identify effective strategies that help the student to succeed.

What is an SST?

Request for Assistance from the Student Success Team

The student’s teacher, parent, the school counselor, the student or other staff members may initiate a request for assistance from the Student Success Team.