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Notice of Pesticide Use

Integrated Pest Management

Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District (DCJESD) has implemented Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as a process to achieve long-term, environmentally sound pest management through the use of various strategies including structural and procedural improvements to reduce food, shelter, water and access used by pests. IPM manages pests while taking human health and the environment into full account. The primary focus is prevention.

Pesticides are only used when absolutely necessary, or when non-chemical measures alone were unsuccessful. Non-HSA pesticides will always be evaluated for use before considering the use of regulated pesticides.

Healthy Schools Act Information for Our Community

Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District (DCJESD) is committed to maintaining safe and healthy environments for all of our campuses and facilities. We are pleased to keep parents, guardians and employees informed regarding our IPM activities.

In compliance with the Healthy Schools Act of 2000, DCJESD has implemented the following:

  • Annual Notification: DCJESD provides notification to parents or guardians of children who attend our school regarding all non-exempt pesticide products the district expects will be applied in the upcoming year. For more information, view our Annual Notification of Planned Pesticide use quick link.
  • Registry: DCJESD provide the opportunity for interested staff and parents or guardians to register with the school district to be notified about individual pesticide applications before they occur. To sign up for notifications, please view our Annual Notification of Planned Pesticide form and complete the Request form.
  • Warning Postings: DCJESD posts warning signs at each of the sites where pesticides will be applied. These signs are posted 24 hours before and 72 hours after applications.
  • Recordkeeping: DCJESD maintains records of all pesticide use at the site for four years and these records are available to the public upon request.

For more information, please review the resources linked on this page or contact our Facilities Department at 916-770-8884.

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