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District to Evaluate Technology through Student-Teacher Survey

In an effort to evaluate our progress in the area of technology, the District will be working with BrightBytes, a well established educational research organization (  

Over the next couple of months our teachers and students in grades 3-8 will be participating in BrightBytes’ online comprehensive technology survey.  The survey will be completely voluntary and anonymous, will take approximately 15 minutes to answer, and will be completed during the school day.

The results will be reviewed and used by the District to develop our Technology Plan for the next three years.  In addition, the survey results will help to inform and guide our staff development over the next several years. 

We value the input of our students and staff as we move forward in the area of technology integration.

Read Parent-Teacher Notice HERE

Posted by: Karen Cram, District Admin, Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District Published:1/23/15
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