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Health Services

Immunization Requirements & INFORMATION


If you have any questions you may contact your school site's Health Staff.

Health Staff

District School Nurses

Wren Helbock, RN / 916-770-8800 ext. 1226    

  • Coyote Ridge Elementary School
  • Heritage Oak Elementary School
  • Silverado Middle School

Nickie Weaver, RN / 916-770-8800 ext. 1228

  • Antelope Crossing Middle School
  • Antelope Meadows Elementary School
  • Olive Grove Elementary School

Michael Haworth, RN / 916-770-8800 ext. 1227

  • Barrett Ranch Elementary School
  • Creekview Ranch School
  • Quail Glen Elementary School

Additional Health Staff Members:

Akash Kalhar, LVN 

  • Creekview Ranch School (COVID Tracing)
  • Quail Glen Elementary School (COVID Tracing)

Elvira Montalvo, LVN

  • Antelope Crossing Middle School (COVID Tracing)
  • Coyote Ridge Elementary School (COVID Tracing)

Lexy Sarmento, LVN

  • Antelope Meadows Elementary School (COVID Tracing)
  • Olive Grove Elementary School (COVID Tracing)

Rebekah Pullum, LVN

  • Silverado Middle School (COVID Tracing)

Shayla Kaumans, LVN

  • Heritage Oak Elementary School (COVID Tracing)

Tess Loterte, LVN

7th Grade Immunization Requirements
7th Grade Immunization Requirements

Resources & Forms

Student Health and Drug Prevention

The District has a Student Health and Wellness Committee that meets  between two and three times a year. The committee is comprised of teachers, administrators, parents, community members, law enforcement and health professionals.  The task of the committee is to advise the school district on matters concerning the welfare and wellness of our students. All students will be educated in learning environments that are safe, drug-free and conducive to learning. 

Health Committee/Wellness Policy Recommendations for PTA

Health Committee/Wellness Policy Recommendations for Teachers

Health Committee/Wellness Policy Recommendations for Parents

Oral Health Information - Kindergarten Requirement

To make sure your child is ready for school, California law, Educational Code Section 49452.8, requires that your child have an oral health assessment (dental check-up) by May 31 in either kindergarten or first grade, whichever is his or her first year in public school.

Oral Health Forms: