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Inter Intra District Transfers

Inter/Intra District Transfer Information

Open enrollment for all grades for the 2024-2025 school year begins January 9, 2024 and closes February 23, 2024 for those interested in transferring into any of Dry Creek's nine highly desirable schools. Space is limited and notification of acceptance will be provided by the end of May, 2024.  No applications will be accepted for the 2024-2025 school year prior to January 9, 2024.  If you'd like to tour a school prior to filling out an application, please contact the school you wish to view's main office directly.  School contact information can be found at

Intradistrict Transfer
Intradistrict Transfer is an opportunity for each student who resides permanently within the boundaries of the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District to apply for enrollment at a school other than their school of residency.  Applications for an Intra-District transfer are granted based on space availability at the requested school.
Students attending school on an Intra-District transfer are not eligible for District transportation. Transportation to and from the school of choice is the responsibility of the parent.

2024-25 Application for Intra-District Transfer 

Interdistrict Transfer (Incoming)
Interdistrict Transfer is an opportunity for students who reside outside of the boundaries for the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District to attend one of our schools. Applications for Interdistrict Transfers are granted based on space availability at the requested school. In order to apply for an Interdistrict Transfer with the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District, the applicant must first be released by the student’s district of residence. Applications for Interdistrict transfers received during the Open Enrollment period will be given priority over applications received outside of the Open Enrollment window.
Required documentation to be submitted with Interdistrict Transfer Application:
- Current student discipline report
- Current attendance report

2024-25 Application for Intake Interdistrict Transfer 

Interdistrict Transfer (Outgoing)
Outgoing Interdistrict Transfers are for students who reside within the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District boundaries, but wish to transfer to another school district.

2024-25 Application for Interdistrict Transfer