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Universal PreKindergarten

California's Vision for Universal Pre-K


California seeks to set children on a trajectory of lifelong success by investing in early and equitable learning experiences. Decades of research demonstrate that an early and strong foundation for learning matters. Children who have effective learning opportunities before kindergarten have an advantage in school and in life over children who do not, especially children with adverse childhood experiences. Children who attend quality preschool programs are more prepared for school in terms of their early literacy, language, and math skills, their executive function, and emotional development.

To provide universal prekindergarten (UPK) options for all four-year-old children and to expand service for three-year-old children in California, the Budget Act of 2021, included an investment in the expansion of transitional kindergarten (TK) and the California State Preschool Program (CSPP). Within this budget package, the UPK planning and Implementation Grant Program was established to support the costs associated with the development of expanded prekindergarten options, such as universal-available TK and CSPP for eligible students. 

Dry Creek's Universal Pre-K Program

Dry Creek's Universal Prekindergarten Program offers 4-year-old children the opportunity to access an educational environment that is learner-centered and promotes the use of early literacy and emergent reading instruction based on effective, evidence-based practices. In alignment with California's Universal Prekindergarten Learning Standards, the program curricula promote balanced support between the development of early childhood social, emotional, motor and cognitive skills.

Community partners help support UPK opportunities for qualifying four-year old children, including fully inclusive classes, via the following models:

  • CSPP and Head Start programs offered in Placer County at multiple locations
  • CSPP and Head Start programs offered in Sacramento County at multiple locations

Half, full, or expanded before and/or after care Pre-K options are available through qualified community partners for eligible families. 

Dry Creek Universal PreK Implementation Plan

Dry Creek UPK School Board Presentation

UPK providers

Dry Creek provides an extended day transitional kindergarten (TK) program at all elementary and TK-8 schools in our school district. Our program is approximately five hours long, and meets five days a week during the calendared school year. Below are additional providers who meet the qualifications of California's UPK program. If families are interested in securing spots in any program listed below, please reach out to the provider directly.  

Half-Day Providers

Full-Day Providers