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Employee Wellness

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Staff wellness is an essential aspect of creating a healthy work environment. It is crucial to prioritize employees' well-being as it significantly impacts their productivity, job satisfaction, and overall quality of life.

Creating a work environment supporting staff wellness involves more than providing resources. The Dry Creek Wellness Committee is committed to fostering a culture of self-care, encouraging work-life balance, and promoting open communication about mental health. Our goal in prioritizing staff wellness is to create a happier and healthier workforce, which ultimately benefits both employees and our district.

Continue to visit this page for updates to many resources that can help promote staff wellness, such as stress management, mental health resources, exercise programs, and healthy living tips and ideas. 

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Your Supportlinc Employee Assistance Program

Schools Insurance Group is happy to announce our new EAP (Employee Assistance Program), SupportLinc is live.  Please feel free to use this awesome resource including counseling, financial, legal, and many more resources 24/7.

Supportlinc Employee Assistance program is a network of services that can help you improve your health, achieve more at work and home, and handle any personal or professional challenges you face. It is provided free of charge and offers someone to talk to or resources to consult whenever and wherever you need them. These services are strictly confidential and are available to you and your immediate family members 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by phone or online.

We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable resource, which offers:

  • Confidential emotional support
  • Financial resources
  • Legal Guidance
  • Work-Life solutions
  • Online support

We hope you take the time to explore all the benefits accessible through your Supportlinc Employee Assistance program.


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